History and Science in our little hands

One of the main pillars of our ethos is to keeping alive the memories of the historical events through a special approach aimed at younger generations.

We take children and students out of the classroom to walk on footsteps of the men and women who lived in the critical events of history. Our guided walks allow children and students to discover a natural landscape, and its history through an integrated system. One of the main educational programmes, developed by our scientific committee, is focused on the area of the Maiella National Park: with its small towns and villages, was one of the most important battlefields of the Second World War in Italy. In particular, the rural landscape of Abruzzo was intersected by the Gustav Line, a German defensive fortification system from Cassino (in the west) to Ortona (in the east, on the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo) along which the Allies fought against German forces to set Italy free from enemy occupation.

Our methodological view aims to instill the curiosity in your pupils and students through a multiperspective approach: hands - on field tours, conceived and developed with integrated itineraries covering history, geology, geography, botany, and local traditions. Considering the importance of passing on memories, mostly about the freedom fighters and victims of Nazism, we have already activated the following educational programmes:


Encouraging the exploration of natural world and the understanding of WWI and WWII through education programmes with primary and secondary schools.


Certified youth apprenticeship programmes for high school students on remembrance tourism issues and marketing of tourism.


Trainee programmes for postgraduate students on the practice of geological and historical guiding, jointly organised with Archivio di Stato di Chieti and INGEO Department of University Chieti-Pescara.

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