The Partners

Scientific Committee and Institutional Partners

History Geo Tours, since its inception, seeks to promote the lasting remembrance of the events that occurred during the Second World War, mostly during the Italian Campaign, and the discovering of the geological and natural world. And this is why an independent scientific committee has been raised to providing advice on issues of educational and scientific programmes related to History&Geo Tours objectives. History&Geo Tours, continuinuing to follow its tasks, also looks to the future, setting itself to establish new institutional partnerships and multidisciplinary collaborations, creating synergies with archives, universities, schools, museums, in order to improve and enhance the knowledge of the historical and natural heritage, and involving in this process the future generations.

Archivio di Stato di Chieti

Official Trading Partners

The tourism’s objectives of H&G Tours are to develop and promote international thematic tourism destinations related on battlefield, remembrance and geological tourism. Therefore, to foster international links and exchanging informations, History&Geo Tours signed partnership agreements with the most famous and renowned authorities of the travel industry, operating in the tourism sectors above mentioned. These accords allow History&Geo Tours to raise professional standards among its guides and, as new branch of SATAM VIAGGI SRL, H&G Tours in cooperation with its partners aims to organize and address lectures, talks and trading events, increasing the tourism flows between European Countries throughout the year.

International guild of the battlefield guides

Liberation Route Europe Foundation