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Our tours are led by experts chosen for their knowledge and enthusiastic approach. Their professional expertise in the field guarantees the quality of our scheduled tours and provides an unique experience.

Robert Deere

Adele Garzarella PhD

Our Tour Directors

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The unexpected alliance
A great professional team

An outstanding and deep immersion in the footsteps of our fathers

Joanna F

D-Day, The Normandy Landings
I was deeply surprised to know the deployment of the British Paratroopers in this part of Italy

From Sicily to River Sangro and Maiella, towards Normandy and Arnhem: an overlooked aspect of WW2 hsitory to bring to the public consciousness.

Barrett M.

The Castle on the Aventino River
A neglected page of our history revealed by a great team of experts

We were able to examine the operations in this area of Italy (i.e. the eastern sector of the Gustav Line), both in operational tactics and the difficulty of the terrain.

Alex W.