Cavallone Caves, River Park Acquevive, Castle of Casoli

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  • Duration 1 days
  • Where Casoli - Italy
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€ 79,00
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Award - Winning Project Abruzzo Open Day Summer 2017: The Castles on the Aventino River
EscortedTour through history, nature, food and more of the Sangro – Aventino River Valleys.

Itinerary - Saturday, June 3, 2017

In the early morning, the gathering of the participants is arranged at the designated point and time. Accommodation in our well - equipped tourist coaches and leaving towards the fascinating Sangro - Aventino Valleys.

The first stand envisages the visit to the Cavallone Caves, also known as the Grotta della Figlia di Jorio, a system of fascinating natural caves located in the area of Taranta Peligna and Lama dei Peligni. The caves lies within the mountains of the Majella National Park, and is accessed via cable car. The participants are invited to visit the numerous speleothems including stalagmites, flowstone, and rimstone pools. It has electric lighting with rough paths, concrete steps and iron bridges. An historical perspective of the caves tells us that Gabriele D'Annunzio, a famous Italian poet associated with the Decadent movement, immortalized the Cavallone Caves in his tragedy "La figlia di Jorio" (The Daughter of Jorio).

After visiting the caves, the trip continues to the River Park Acquevive, a beautiful area, in which are recovered rare flower species. In the picnic area, our participants enjoy the tasty lunch arranged by Coop. Radici, and they are able to use the natural playground for children.

In the afternoon, transfer by our tourist coach to visit the monastery of San Martino in Valle, located in the fascinating canyon of Fara San Martino, and the ancient hamlet of Terravecchia.

The visit ends at the Castle of Casoli, also known as Masciantonio Castle. It's a Norman fortress of the eleventh century, with a tower and fortified ducal palace, which houses two permanent exhibitions. The participants are invited to visit the Wigram Hall. This room is dedicated to Major Lionel Wigram, a British Army infantry officer who played a significant part in developing British infantry fighting tactics in World War II, and he was the first Allied serviceman to raise and manage the first joint military force, nicknamed "Wigforce", of British soldiers and Italian patriots, coming from Gruppo Patrioti della Maiella [Group of Maiella Patriots]. In this room is displayed the permanent exhibition "The unexpected Alliance", which tells the cooperation forged between the British airborne and special forces, the prisoners of war escaped and European populations who supported, sheltered and protected them during WWII. Another room of the Castle is devoted to Gabriele d'Annunzio, and it is of particular interest for a dithyramb written by d'Annunzio on the wall, in thanks. At the end of visit the participants are invited to enjoy the typical Abruzzese cuisine - based buffet inside the Castle.

It's scheduled to depart at 07.00 pm, and the arrival to the designed points is estimated in the evening.


  • Partecipation fee for children (under 6 years old): € 15,00
  • Partecipation fee for children (under 12 years old): € 45,00
  • Partecipation fee (transfer by own vehicle): € 67,00

The Cost  includes

  • Transfers by SATAM Tourist Coach;
  • History&Geo Tour Director;
  • History&Geo Tour Manager;
  • Adminission fee and visit to the Cavallone Caves;
  • Visit to the River Park Acquevive;
  • Lunch at River Park Acquevive;
  • Visit to the Castle of Casoli;
  • Abruzzese cuisine - based buffet at the Castle of Casoli;
  • Travel Liability and Insurance.

The fee does not include anything else not expressly indicated in “cost includes”.

Tour director

Adele Garzarella PhD

Paleontologist, paleoclimatologist and Research Fellow at University of Chieti - Pescara, Adele leads our clients directly on the field, bringing to life the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past. Moreover, she offers a military geology prospect of a battlefield site, analyzing the defensive systems, and how the geology and morphology played a key role in the outcome of a battle.

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