Family Day: Wildlife Area of the Brown Bear, Natural History Museum of Majella, Educational and Learning - Farm

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  • Duration 1 days
  • Where Palena
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€ 59,00
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Award - Winning Project Abruzzo Open Day Summer 2017: The Castles on the Aventino River
Escorted Tour through history, nature, food and more of the Sangro – Aventino River Valleys.

Itineray - Sunday, June 4, 2017

In the early morning, the gathering of the participants is arranged at the designated point and time. Accommodation in our well - equipped tourist coaches and leaving towards the fascinating Sangro - Aventino Valleys.

The first stand envisages the visit to the wildlife area of the Brown Bear, a natural park in which few bears walking in a fascinating environment. An incredible opportunity for you and your children to come face – to – face whit these specimen of the Ursidae Familiy. Critically endangered species, with a range restricted to the Abruzzo National Park, the bears are rescued and protected by the rangers of the Majella National Park.

The trip continues to the Natural Museum History of Maiella, located in the Castle of Palena. The participants are invited to discover the stories behind Museum specimens and collections and the fascinating work of the geologist. The museum is of particular interest for children. Get the most out of your visit, coming face-to-face with stunning fossilised specimens of the Jurassic Period, and enjoying the workshops, science shows and led activities, suitable for all ages and levels, set up by our geologists. In the halls of the Castle, placed on the top of the town, with a wonderful view of the eastern Majella, the members of Associazione Promozione Territoriale “Alto Aventino”, a local association, arrange the typical Abruzzese cuisine – based lunch.

In the afternoon, our participants are invited to enjoy the visit at the educational and learning – Farm of Mr. Giuseppe Muscente. A perfect place for children and for adults who want to discover how the farmers make traditional food (such as the hand milking, and making of local cheese) and how animals are breed in this part of Abruzzo.

It's scheduled to depart in the late afternoon.


  • Partecipation fee for children (under 6 years old): € 22
  • Partecipation fee for children (under 12 years old): € 40
  • Partecipation fee (transfer by own vehicle): € 49

The Cost  includes

  • Transfers by SATAM Tourist Coach
  • History&Geo Tour Director
  • History&Geo Tour Manager
  • Brioche offered by SATAM Staff
  • Admission fee and visit to the Wildlife Area of Brown Bear
  • Visit to the Natural History Museum of Majella
  • Lunch at the Castle of Palena
  • Admission fee and visit to the Educational and Learning – Farm
  • Travel Liability and Insurance.

The fee does not include anything else not expressly indicated in “cost includes”

Tour director

Adele Garzarella PhD

Paleontologist, paleoclimatologist and Research Fellow at University of Chieti - Pescara, Adele leads our clients directly on the field, bringing to life the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past. Moreover, she offers a military geology prospect of a battlefield site, analyzing the defensive systems, and how the geology and morphology played a key role in the outcome of a battle.

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